All Mangosteen Juices Are Not the Same

Why Mangoxan is the Superior Brand?

Brands do not always matter. Generally speaking, store brands maintain much of the same quality products as brand names and shoes are simply shoes, but that is not the same with brands of Mangosteen Juice. If you are new to the market of this impressive health drink, you will note that brands abound, but which is better. Mangoxan has proven time and time again to outshine other brands of Mangosteen Juice and here are just a few reasons why.


We hear a lot about preservatives in foods these days and not all of it is good. Companies add preservatives to products such as Mangosteen Juice to maintain a quality product that lasts through shipping while giving the product additional shelf life for the consumer. Preservatives do, however have a bit of a dark side. They have been known to allow free radicals to invade the body leading to certain types of cancer. Some Mangosteen Juices still utilize harmful preservatives, but Mangoxan is not one of them. Our product remains preservative free to give you the maximum amount of health benefits from this amazing juice.

Calories and Sugar Concerns

Those that have diabetes and other sugar related problems must account for how much sugar their bodies take in. This can make taking certain Mangosteen Juice brands a hazard. In an effort to improve flavor, some brands insist on adding additional sugars and artificial flavors. Mangoxan is manufactured without this practice, so it maintains no artificial sugars and only 15 tiny calories per serving, so even those battling the bulge benefit greatly from using Mangoxan.

Xanthones? What Are They and Why Does Mangoxan Have So Many?

Xanthones are unique nutrients and are just now being brought to the attention of health enthusiasts. They are essentially, microscopic powerhouses of nutrition that benefit the body tremendously. Currently, there are over 200 identified Xanthones according to science. Mangoxan maintains 43 of these known Xanthones, the most of any comparable brand. What that means for our customers is that they get the chance to enjoy the freedom of knowing Xanthones in Mangoxan are working hard to rid their body of harmful free radicals. Other brands simply do not compare.

We Use the Whole Fruit

Mangosteen Fruit is highly nutritious, but much of its nutrition, and xanthones, are lost when the peel is not consumed. Unlike other brands that simply focus on the fruit’s interior, sans peel and seeds, Mangoxan is manufactured with the whole fruit. That means more nutrients for our valued customers for total body health.


Mangoxan from Pure Fruit Technologies is an impressive product and when compared to other brands that seem to water down Mangosteen’s natural goodness, it is easy to see why Mangoxan is so popular. Gain access to the top Mangosteen Juice brand on the market with Mangoxan. We never use fillers or preservative and have the highest Xanthones compared to other brands. You will love Mangoxan. Have you had yours today?

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