Discover 4 Natural Treatments for Fungal Infections

Having a fungal infection can feel like an endless battle. Doctors can prescribe various topical ointments and oral medicines to alleviate the problem and some success can be found with over the counter remedies, but truthfully, some of these options are a lot of chemicals your body does not need. More people are now turning to natural cures for fungal infections and if you routinely suffer from this condition, here are some natural fungal infection cures for you to try.

Clove Oil

Your fungal infection might be healing, but it also may be in need of a bit of a boost. Clove oil has not only proven to heal a fungal infection but speeds up the process of other medications. Clove oil can be applied in both powder form or essential oils and the scent is much preferred over some of the more pungent topical creams on the market today.

White Vinegar

Standard white vinegar is known as a highly effective cleaning tool for everything around the home, but it can also help with fungal infections. What vinegar does for the body is to help restore its PH balance. When the skin’s PH balance is off, fungal infections can arise. A simple soak white vinegar and water will alleviate nail fungus effectively. It can take time, so the process may have to be repeated daily until the fungal infection is cured.

Non-Dairy Yogurt

Fungal infections can happen throughout the body and prevention is the key. If you find that you are more prone to fungal infections, a change in diet might be the best solution. Foods such as non-dairy yogurt have acidophilic bacteria which has proven to be an effective cure for fungal infections. This simple change can help you alleviate a current fungal infection without having to apply a topical solution as well as prevent future outbreaks.


Mangosteen is quickly becoming a part of the world’s best-known superfoods. These foods include blueberries and acai berries and if you have yet to try Mangosteen you are missing out on a golden opportunity to improve your health naturally. Mangosteen juice is often used to boost the immune system while improving metabolism, but this tasty fruit works exceptionally well for fungal infections as well. Mangosteen taken orally naturally alleviates fungal infections from every part of the body.

Where to Get Mangosteen Juice?

Mangosteen fruit is not generally imported as with many other super fruits due to its rarity, but Mangosteen juice is an option for people everywhere. Although there are many avenues to get Mangosteen juice, Mangoxan is the top choice for those in the know. Mangoxan maintains the highest level of Xanthones that are a powerhouse of health solutions for all. Xanthones are beneficial for cancer prevention, cardiac health, fight inflammation, and a variety of other health benefits. Pure Fruit Technologies is the only place to get Mangoxan, so contact us today and let us, not only improve your fungal infections the natural way but improve your total body health.

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