Do You Work at a Desk? Health Tips for Sit Down Jobs

Apart from the few people that are privileged enough to live off of trust funds and an inherited fortune, everyone has to have a job at some point in their lives. What is different about today’s jobs than career opportunities in past decades is that the vast majority of workers work at a desk in a seated position. Sitting down can be beneficial, but the average American sits over 13 hours each day and that does not include the hours they spend sleeping. Sitting that much during the day can have a negative impact on your health, so to help you out, here are some health tips for when sitting at a desk is mandatory at your job.

Break up the Day

Generally, while working at a desk you might get up a few times during the day to get your lunch or go to the bathroom, but these should not be the only times you move from your seated position. It is recommended that you set an alarm and get up to stretch or walk around at least once each hour. This might be a difficult thing to manage if you are swamped with work but is essential to maintain circulation throughout the day. Another suggestion is to visit coworkers when you need something instead of just sending an email or calling them directly. Any excuse you can use to get up from your desk should be employed, provided you maintain your work quotas.

Avoid Elevators and Escalators If Possible

When you work at a desk, it is important to increase your activity as much as possible. When coming into work or heading out of the building, avoid elevators and escalators as these take no effort to use. Instead opt for stairs. Your body will appreciate the extra exercise and your blood circulation will maintain itself better while sitting if you maintain some form of regular activity.

Increase Your Water Intake

Snacking throughout the day is something that most people do anyway and with snacking comes the need to drink something cold and refreshing. To help improve your circulation while sitting, get rid of your high sugar, caffeine filled beverages and drink simple water. Adding healthy snacks such as fresh fruit into this routine will further maintain hydration.

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