Don’t Let the Holidays Get You Off Track

How to Keep Healthy During the Indulgent Holiday Season

We are quickly approaching the time of year wear diets and eating healthy seem to vanish. The holidays are a lot of fun, but they are also why New Years Day often marks the start of dieting season. We naturally, overindulge during the holidays. There is so much around, you can’t help but overeat, right? It is ok to indulge a little, on occasion, but never take it to extremes during the holidays. It is possible to remain on a healthy track even with dreams of sweets swirling in your head. Here are some tips to make it a little easier to keep your health in check during the holidays.

An Emphasis on Water

Holiday drinks are great, but they often have an unbelievable amount of calories and sugars. Water may not be the most popular drink around the holiday table, but make an effort to keep water in your cup. Drinking water aids in proper digestion, so even if you over eat a bit, more of the waste will be able to come out of your body.

Bring the Healthy with You

Getting together with family is a lot of fun and when everyone brings something to the table, it quickly gets full. Even if your entire family is focused on high fat, indulgent foods, try to bring something a little healthier. Try a vegetable medley of roasted veggies or even mock mashed potatoes made with cauliflower. Bringing the healthy with you will give you an alternative to the high fat and butter dishes made by your beloved family.

Load Your Plate the Smart Way

Face it, you will load up your plate until food is teetering on the edge, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Generally speaking, the highest fat foods tend to draw the most attention. Before everyone begins loading up on their favorite foods. Survey the table a bit. Locate the healthier dishes and start with them. When you have your plate mostly filled with healthy vegetables, you will naturally put less fatty foods on the plate. It sounds a bit strange, but sometimes our minds require a little tricking to stay on track.

Small Plates

We do not expect you to seek out the smallest plate during dinner service with your family and friends sitting around. You will be the butt of many jokes, but after the main meal is over and you are left with a pile of leftover food, use a smaller plate to eat on. The plate will look fuller and ultimately trick your mind into thinking you have eaten your fill.

Drink Mangoxan

The goal in healthy eating is to make sure your body gets its essential nutrients on a daily basis. That can be difficult at any time of the year, but especially during the holiday season. However, Mangoxan by Pure Fruit Technologies offers the essential vitamins your body may be missing this time of year. Just a few ounces daily will help keep your body healthy even while indulging a bit. Have you had your Mangoxan today?

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