Exercises for Different Ages

Do you find it difficult to do specific exercises that you had no problem doing in previous decades? Aging happens and as your body ages, you must reevaluate your fitness routine. You can exercise at any age, here are some tips to make your exercise routine work best based on your age.


Children and adolescence crave activity but in the world we live in where technology and smartphones reign supreme, helping your kids get active is essential to their total body health. Encourage kids to maintain activity through sports. Exercising in this manner gives their little bodies the ability to grow naturally.


During your 20s you are actually at your peak, so this is the time to push your body to its limits, but again, do so safely and under the guidelines of a physician or licensed physical trainer. Vary up your training and try new things such as weightlifting, long distance running, or simply take up a high energy sport like ice hockey.


Diversifying your routine is still important in your 30s, but as your body slightly ages into a new decade, you should focus primarily on your cardiovascular health. Due to stress, a demanding career, or even obligations with family, your heart health can suffer, so try exercises that increase your heart rate to keep it healthy.


40-year old’s are at a special place in life. Some people see it as a negative, but aging is just a number. When you reach your 40s, excess weight can become a problem, but jumping into an intense fat cutting routine can be detrimental to your overall body health. Instead focus on weightlifting for health rather than bulking up. Lift kettle bells and lighter weights to help cut the fat while staying healthy and running is also a good idea at this stage in your life.


Your body can begin to slow down drastically during your 50s, but all is not lost. There is still a lot of healthy living to be done. Strength training and weight bearing exercise is recommended for 50 somethings, but also try Tai Chi as a means to strengthen yet relax your muscles.


Those in their 60s have to ensure that their physician is aware of their fitness routine. At this stage in life, ball room dancing and social exercise are encouraged. Basically, exercises that increase flexibility are a great idea for those in their 60s.

70s and Up

Strength and balance training are recommended for those in their 70s and beyond. As the body ages, cognitive function can cause balance issues and fitness routines may suffer. Those that reach this glorious age are encouraged to exercise in groups and do simple exercises that promote flexibility and balance.

Mangoxan at All Ages

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