Having Menstrual Problems? Here are Some Natural Ways to Relieve Them

Menstrual cramps, bloating, and moodiness are nothing to mess around with. Some women experience these issues in extreme ways while others experience milder doses, but no matter how severe your symptoms, they are not comfortable. General, over the counter solutions can sometimes work, but in a world where additives to modern medicine can create side effects, sometimes the best solution is the natural one. Here are the best natural menstrual relief methods to try without the risk of possibly harmful side effects.

Change Your Diet

You may believe that giving in to those cravings including milk chocolate and greasy, fatty foods is the solution, but you would be wrong. These foods cause inflammation to worsen within the body leading to more pain and discomfort. The solution is not to completely avoid all fatty foods, but be selective as to which fats you allow to enter your body. Omega 3 Fatty Acids have proven to be the most beneficial when it comes to menstrual problems, so invest in recipes that include Omega 3 rich fish, such as salmon or seeds, such as flaxseeds. Your body will thank you for these healthy fats.

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

Exercise is essential to anyone, but when menstrual symptoms take over your life, you may not feel like exercising at all. The key here is to not wait until menstrual issues arise, but take on exercise early. Try including a new exercise routine just after your period to prepare your body for the next cycle. Getting your body prepared with exercise will improve your entire well-being while alleviating many uncomfortable symptoms at the start of your next menstrual cycle. Just 15 to 30 minutes of light exercise at least 3 times per week will prove highly beneficial for menstrual symptoms.

Emphasis on Heat

Heat is your friend during you monthly cycle and when pain takes over your body, a heating pad offers drastic relief. Concentrating heat in the area you are experiencing pain will open up blood vessels allowing blood flow to become easier. If you are sensitive to heating or already have blood flow issues, ask your doctor before using a heating pad for relief. Another solution, should your doctor guard against a heating pad, is caster oil packs. These packs are used the week before your menstrual cycle and can be placed on the belly and wrapped with a towel. Lie down for about 30 minutes a few times a week with the pack on to help alleviate future pain.


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