I Thought Drinking Juice Was a No No According to Many Doctors

How Mangosteen Juice is Different Than Average Juices in the Store

Doctors are essential and their suggestions should never be discounted, but some doctors claim that all juices are bad for the body. This is simply not true. Where it is advised that people maintain a healthy relationship with juice and account for possible added sugars, some juices actually give more health benefits than simply flavor. Mangosteen Juice is one of the healthiest drinks on the market and it is a whole lot different than you average, sugar filled juice product.

Naturally Low in Sugar

Juices can have a substantial amount of sugar. Where sugar is fine for those that have no issues creating insulin, patients with diabetes must watch how much sugar they take into their bodies. This includes carbohydrates in breads, granulated sugar, and of course, sugars found in juice. It is also very easy to get carried away drinking juice thinking that its health benefits outweigh its sugar content, but the average juice found in your local store only contains about 20% real juice making it impossible to get your recommended daily dosage without overloading your system with sugar.

Mangosteen Juice is naturally low in sugar and even though some brands may place additives in their product, Mangoxan does not. With Mangoxan, you get the nutrition that you should have been getting from the other juices without the risk of aggravating your condition. The best part about Mangoxan is that it is a complete juice drink instead of loaded with fillers. Ample nutrition without the risk!

Drink Much Less

General juices are meant to be drunk in larger quantities. Consumers pour a full cut and enjoy its fruity taste, but when you account for sugars and excess calories being taken in from the juice, it is easy to see how these juice options are simply unhealthy. Watching calories is often attributed to foods alone, but the average person intakes a substantial amount of calories through drinks.

Mangosteen Juice like Mangoxan are meant to be used primarily as a total body health drink. This means the user drinks far less than with standard juice options. Instead of pouring a tall glass of juice, just a few ounces of Mangoxan will provide you with essential nutrients your body may be missing. A tasty treat without the guilt!

More Than Just the Juice

Too many juice companies fail to provide ample nutrition to their clientele and only believe the juice is important. Mangoxan is very different. We value to total Mangosteen fruit for its nutrition attributes and therefore use the entire fruit. Mangoxan contains more Xanthones, fiber, and protein than other Mangosteen juice brands simply for this fact alone.

When you want to get the most out of your juice nutrition, Mangoxan by Pure Fruit Technologies is the way to go. Rid yourself of the problems associated with too much juice consumption and enjoy the freedom of a drink that provides much more than a fruity taste. Do you need a better juice?


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