Little Known Health Foods

With every passing day, more health foods come to light. Emphasis on blueberries, kale, and similar foods known as superfoods have the general public searching out new ways to eat healthy. If you are among the many looking to eat your way to good health, there are still many little known health foods available to choose from apart from those featured in fad diets and celebrity endorsements.

Brazil Nuts

It is widely known that nuts are a good source of a range of vitamins, minerals, and even fiber. Brazil nuts take things a little further. Where you still maintain all attributes of other nut varieties, Brazil nuts offer Selenium. Selenium has proven to prevent the risk of certain types of cancers and aid in heart disease prevention as well.


Ancient grains are making a comeback in today’s society. Quinoa has proven to be at the top of the list of healthy eating. Quinoa is not only tasty and adaptable to many dishes, it is a complete protein. A complete protein maintains all essential amino acids. In addition, Quinoa maintains double the amount of fiber found in comparable grains. Another healthful bonus with Quinoa is its rich iron content. Those prone to anemia can benefit from eating this grain regularly.


If you need potassium, but hate the texture of a banana, cantaloupe is a beautiful alternative. Yes, these fruits do look a bit odd in the produce section, but once cut, the spectacularly beautiful fruit lights up any dish. Apart from a high potassium supplier, cantaloupe is also rich in vitamin A. An increase in vitamin A can potentially reduce the risk of metabolic syndromem a contributing factor for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Meet the real superfruit. If you live outside of southeast Asia, you may have never head of Mangosteen at all. Mangosteen is a power packed fruit full of nutritionally advanced nutrients that enhance health throughout the body. Unlike other foods that merely improve one area, Mangosteen actually maintains attributes for total body health. Mangosteen has proven to fight basic issues such as allergies and inflammation, but is also effective for more serious concerns such as cancer and diabetes. The list of health attributes of Mangosteen is truly remarkable. If you have yet to try Mangosteen, you have been missing out on a tasty treat that is highly beneficial to you and your entire family.

Where to Get Mangosteen?

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