Low Impact Exercises to Help You Get Healthy

Everyone’s body is different. Some of us age better than others and experience far fewer medical issues. However, just because you experience certain medical issues, does not mean you should not be getting some form of regular exercise. Exercising comes with a monumental amount of health benefits and currently only 33% of adults properly exercise each week. If you want to get into exercising, but are not yet ready to face the brunt of sore muscles, here are some low impact exercises that will help you get healthier.


Treadmills have been a staple in the exercise field for years and they are great for those who just want to walk, but walking and running alone, can put pressure on joints. An elliptical works a bit differently. The motion of the machine actually cushions the joints better than walking alone. If you have problems with pain in your joints, an elliptical can give you a better workout, in a shorter time without putting too much strain on your joints.


Although this tends to be a strictly summer activity, for those that have arthritis or cannot stand for long periods of time, swimming offers an exceptional low impact workout. Swimming utilizes multiple muscle groups at one time and has been proven to improve bone mass. Water pushing back against your body, is enough force to build bone mass without stressing any part of the body. If swimming alone is not something you enjoy, try water aerobics. Many health facilities offer swimming and water aerobics classes.

Tai Chi

Some people scoff at the thought of doing Tai Chi. It is not always thought, by everyone in the fitness world, as effective exercise, but in reality, it carries with it many benefits to the human body and mind as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, the fluid movements involved in Tai Chi improve flexibility, muscle strength, balance, muscle tone, and agility. In addition, those that regularly engage in this ancient form of exercise report less joint pain, lower blood pressure, and even a better quality of sleep. For those that need more from their exercise than just a little less fat, Tai Chi can be ideal.


It might seem difficult at first, but the act of rowing a boat is phenomenally beneficial to your body without the hard impact on joints. Rowing machines are available at most health clubs and gyms and it might take a bit of getting used to, but rowing works virtually all muscle groups without having to stand up to get the job done.


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