Mangosteen Fruit is Good for Health

A fruit which has earned the title of Queen of fruits is founded in south east and said to be highly beneficial for human health. Today we want to tell you some unknown facts about this fruit. The trading of this exotic fruit is said to be started from Thailand or Burma where the native people were using it as a herbal remedy to cure illness. There is not much variety available in this fruit, except from one distinct variation that is found in the Sulu Islands which is much larger, with a the thicker rind and it’s flesh is more acidic. It is a tropical fruit which grows in very hot climatic condition with a very slow speed. The planting of mangosteen is started in the beginning of the rainy season. The storage quality of mangosteen is also quite good as it can store for 20-25 days if kept in dry and warm condition. Well these were the some unknown aspects of this fruit.

Now let us talk about the benefits of this exotic fruit as lot of people want to know how much mangosteen fruit is good for health. This fruit is highly beneficial for the people who are suffering inflammatory ailments like Less sleep, headaches, aches and pains and relentless fatigue. Plus this fruit is like a boon for old people who are suffering from arthritis or joint pain. It is also helpful in controlling sugar levels and reducing weight and that’s not all, it also helps in recovering from sports injuries, wounds and joint pains. Hence it is complete remedy for all ailments of human body.

But the benefits of this fruit doesn’t end here as apart from the body, mangosteen is good for the mind too. Mangosteen has a high number of anti oxidant properties than any other fruit as it controls the formation of oxygen radicals and keep our heart protected which circulate blood and oxygen to the mind. The high anti oxidant properties is mainly because of Xanthones, a very powerful anti-oxidant which usually find only in mangosteen. It also good for the people who have mood swings as it is said to have antidepressant properties which reduces stress levels and can cure depression. Apart from mind and body it is good for the face also as it helps in reducing wrinkles and improves skin tone and skin elasticity. Lastly it has antibiotic properties which makes it a ideal drink for patients of pneumonia, tuberculosis and people who have respiratory problems. At last we want to say that if you make juice of mangosteen, a daily part of your diet then you will attain complete physical and mental fitness.

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