Mangosteen Fruit helpful in Tumor and Cancer Prevention

Mangoxan Juices by Pure fruit Technologies, situated in American Fork, Utah has proved to be helpful in tumor and cancer prevention after conducting various researches and studies. Cancer is the most life-endangering disease in the world today and the medical science also doesn’t prove successful in finding a cure for this serious disease.

Mangoxan is prepared after blending mangosteen fruit a tropical evergreen fruit from Southeast Asia and some North American superfruits like, cranberries, blueberries, sour red cherries and red grapes. This combination results in Mangoxan being highly rich in antioxidants and xanthones. No preservatives, sweeteners and extra water is used in manufacturing of Mangoxan beverages, which assured that you’re drinking the highest quality and best tasting mangosteen supplement in the market.

The point which makes Mangoxan helpful in tumor and cancer prevention is the presence of the most beneficial organic compound in it, which is Xanthones which it derives from its main ingredient which is Mangosteen, is a tropical evergreen fruit native to Southeast-Asia. Most scientific researches on mangosteen state that it contains about two dozen Xanthones. Some of the Xanthones found in mangosteen are alpha-Mangostin, beta-Mangostin, 3-Isomangostin, Mangostanol, Gertanin, Garcinone A, Garcinone B, Garcinone C, Garcinone D, Garcinone E, and Maclurin among others. Mangosteen fruit also contains the minerals calcium, phosphorus and iron, as well as B-complex vitamins and the antioxidant vitamins C and A.

Through various studies and researchers conducted from time to time it has been found that garcinone E — a xanthone found in mangosteen rind — had potent effects against human liver cancer cells. In another study it comes into light that the extract from mangosteen rind has got potent inhibitory effects against human breast cancer cells. However the most important study was in which researchers found that alpha-mangostin targeted the mitochondria of human leukemia cells, causing them to die off. This led them to conclude that alpha-mangostin had potential preventive and therapeutic uses in cancer treatments.

Thus Mangoxan can be trusted as the most appropriate health drink to be helpful in tumor and cancer prevention.

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