Mangosteen juice- How Important is this?

Our liver produces about 500 to 600 ml (16 to 20 oz) of bile each day which ends up in our gallbladder. Bile consists primarily of water and electrolytes but also organic compounds: bile salts, lecithin (brain food), cholesterol, bilirubin, and other internal bi-products or ingested compounds. Bilirubin is a compound from worn-out RBCs (red blood cells) which gives bile its yellow-green color.

The reason for bring this to your attention is to show the importance of this substance (bile) in the maintenance and function of your health. Although we are able to survive without this very important gland, when it is not functioning properly or has been removed there is additional stress placed on our body, especially our filter, the liver.

Bile salts (bile acids) are the major organic component in bile. The liver uses a complex transport system to secrete bile salts through canals into the gallbladder, which stores bile until needed by our digestive system. Bile salts are biologic detergents that enable the body to excrete cholesterol and potentially toxic compounds (chemical and drug metabolites). The function of bile salts in the digestive system is to breakdown ingested fat and fat-soluble vitamins, facilitating their digestion and absorption. How many individuals have problems with breaking down ingested fats which can lead to numerous health problems? For example, if the gall bladder isn’t functioning correctly this can affect our uptake of those important fatty compounds like the Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 from the foods we eat.

Because we don’t measure healthiness, when we do medical studies – we can only measure illness and symptoms of illness. All measurements of medicines, whether the test is on a rat, or on a person, are only measures of the illness being tested. Medicine is blind to health. Medical studies are blind to health.
Tracy Kolenchuk

If your gallbladder is stressed, it does affect the bodies ability to manage cholesterol levels and remove potentially toxic substances, which we encounter through modern day dietary intake. It is amazing how important this small neglected gland is to our life.

Last week I suggested that we take a Healthicine step and start taking 3 or 4 table spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil each month to assist the gall bladder in cleansing. Consider also introducing grapefruits into your diet, at least 1 a week as this chemically rich fruit unleashes a lot of assistance. Another very important consideration is to avoid prescription and over the counter medications along with chemicals found in our food supply. Organic and GMO free are choices I make, because we really don’t know the long term side effects of messing with nature.

I will always believe that ‘the closer it is to the natural source the better it is for you!’ .


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