Mangosteen Juices – The Way To A Stronger Immune System

With the colder months ahead for many of us now, the time for flues and all sorts of other nasty illnesses are upon us; hence we need to discuss the effects of an immune boosting property with countless benefits as well.

Mangosteen an introduction

Mangosteen might not be a common ingredient within our pantries or even within our flavor palette but the mangosteen juices have an arsenal of antioxidants that are completely intact thanks to the gentle processing technologies used to produce the juices.

For those of you have never heard of a mangosteen in your life let me share a little bit on the background of these marvelous fruits, these fresh fruits hail from tropical climates such as the Sunda Islands and can easily be eaten as part of a healthy and complete diet.

These fruits however are not merely a luxury for your taste buds, they are also filled with many nourishing vitamins and minerals, as well antioxidants and the ability to fight off existing inflammation sources within the body.

These juices are prepared not with ten thousand pounds of sugar and barely any fruit, oh no, here we insist that they are produced using the patent gentle processing™ methods available at PFT and this helps to ensure that the quality of the juice and all of the medicinal properties are intact when you receive them.

Mangosteen – the science

Hopefully, this is starting to make you thirsty right now, however if you are still on the fence and wondering if the properties of mangosteen can truly have any beneficial benefits for your body then wait no longer.

In a research study out of the Yanjing Medical School in Beijing, which was published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2009, the research team found that when subjects were given a mangosteen food item that the subject’s immune function improved.

Not only did their test levels score higher than the control group and all participants who received the mangosteen also shared a personal view that their overall quality of health had significantly improved as well. Now there may be many of you who are worried about ingesting a fruit juice instead of taking a supplement of some kind, regardless of whether it be a pill or a shake.

Well, with mangosteen juices you can ensure that you not only receive the fruits that you may not be able to get into your daily diet but you are also ensuring that you take in a wide variety of antioxidants and vitamins straight from the fruit itself.

Furthermore the mangosteen plant has an even better way of ensuring that your body is in fighting shape, it contains bio-chemicals known as xanthones.

Xanthones are essential as they are the starting the point from which our bodies build antioxidants, which are then used by the immune system to ward off bugs, viruses and other potentially harmful illnesses.

Food for thought

Maybe the next time you are thinking about what to get your family why not grab a couple of mangosteen juice shots and ensure that you are prepared against any illness that this time of the year decides to throw at you!

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