Mangosteen Powder & Why You Should Avoid it?

One of our customer asked recently, ‘why we didn’t make and provide a cheaper based form of mangosteen powder?’ In this form the consumer could mix it themselves. They were certain that it would provide exactly the same benefits as our proprietary mangosteen formula, Mangoxan.

Well, this is something we had considered a long time ago and once again in 2012, just to meet consumer demands. But after sourcing, testing and confirming the balance of health benefits to potential risks to our PFT customers it did not fit our company’s standards and philosophy of ‘Keeping it as close to the Natural source as possible’.

Here are the Top Reasons as why you should avoid Mangosteen Powder

All mangosteen powder formulas are sourced from around the world where there are elevated levels of lead in the ingredients which pose health threats to you. These elevated heavy metal levels in mangosteen occur due to industrial contamination of farms and waterways.

By this, suppliers are trying to imply that all lead is harmless and that contamination doesn’t matter. Not true! Lead levels really do matter, and the more you eat, the higher your risk of organ poisoning and brain damage. Powder manufactures and suppliers have been essentially trying to deny that lead arsenate was used as an agricultural insecticide for over a century, where it heavily contaminated agricultural lands with both lead and arsenic. Spraying lead and arsenic on a farm does not magically make it “naturally occurring.”

And the claim that they follow “good manufacturing practices” (also known as GMP) is meaningless in the context of heavy metals. GMP doesn’t require any removal of heavy metals and it sets no limits for heavy metals. A company can be 100% GMP-compliant, certified USDA organic and even certified 100% non-GMO and still be selling a product loaded with very high levels of toxic heavy metals.

Precautions California has taken

California has passed a law prohibiting the sale of any finished product that contains over 8 ppm (parts per million) of lead. It has to be taken off the shelf if the ppm levels are this high and these providers are open for litigation due to their lack of safety compliance. Just recently we looked at one of the US manufacturers products who claimed they had organic non-GMO preservative free product and are on the shelf in California right now. They seem to be non compliant on all levels, so they better watch out as California regulatory officials and ambulance chasers will be closing in.

So, for your information just so you know…

Pure Fruit Technologies secured a natural Mangosteen supplier in 1999. This was done because we knew that industrialization was and would threaten the food supply then and today.  This farming group has been practising Mangosteen farming and has been for centuries, neat! Unfortunately, this creates a costlier source of raw materials, but, they are as close to the natural source as possible. We feel quite confident that no one, except Xango, has this availability of chemically free mangosteen.

As for the crystals, I am not sure how this can be considered the natural source?

Think of the processing incurred to change the natural fruit from it’s original design into a powder form. So many natural micro-nutrients are displaced and destroyed by this process.

So now you know, Cheers!

We always look forward to you input and feedback.

Please remember, ‘All nature does is give!’

Pure Fruit Technologies™ is going to continue our efforts to help improve the life of others and our planet…thanks to you and your support we are able to strengthen our efforts.


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