Mangosteen Supplements or Natural Mangosteen Juice -Which is Better?

Supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry. In the United States alone, consumers spend approximately $1.5 billion each year on supplements. These numbers would indicate that the supplement industry would benefit the public, but there are some things that you need to know about supplements and how they are manufactured. Mangosteen supplements are among the most popular types of Mangosteen on the market, and we will compare these supplements and actual Mangosteen Juice to determine which is best.


The FDA sets regulations for medicines and food as well, but supplements seem to fall into a gray area. When it comes to supplements, guidelines from the FDA simply state the that product must be safe for human consumption. It states nothing about how much nutrition is required and therefore, you can never really be sure what you are getting when purchasing Mangosteen supplements.

Mangosteen juice is an actual juice and therefore, closely regulated by the FDA. The juice has to, not only maintain safety for the customers, but must also have a certain percentage of actual juice. Although all Mangosteen Juices are not exactly equal, you have a better change of getting quality nutrients through strict regulations when it comes to Mangosteen juice as opposed to simply supplements.

Natural Products

Even the best supplements may not use the whole fruit to produce their products. Mangosteen Juice products, however, tend to include the juice as well as the pulp. If you are looking for optimal nutritional value, trust Mangoxan. Mangoxan not only uses the fruit and pulp of the Mangosteen, but the peel as well. Where others strip away the nutrition of the Mangosteen fruit’s peel. We include it to give you the maximum amount of nutrition possible. You will not get that level of nutrients from any Mangosteen supplement.

Side Effects

Supplements are designed to last for years in pill and powder form, but that is not always a good thing. Where it is great for those that want to stockpile Mangosteen supplements, the preservatives within the product may do more harm than good. Side effects are more likely to be an issue when using an unnatural product such as Mangosteen supplements.

Mangosteen Juice, such as Mangoxan is preservative free. That means, you, the consumer, do not have to contend with drug interactions and other commonly known side effects. Mangoxan is always a better option when comparing Mangosteen Juice to Mangosteen supplements.


Mangoxan from Pure Fruit Technologies is the leading Mangosteen Juice product on the market. We never use preservatives and provide you with attributes from the whole fruit leaving nothing out. That gives you access to the most nutrition possible from Mangosteen. If you have struggled with getting the right nutrition in the past, give Mangoxan a try. Just a few ounces each day provides you necessary nutrition for total body health. From an increased metabolism to optimal Vitamin C, you can have it all with Mangoxan, so why not order today?

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