Mangoxan Faqs, Mangoxan Related Questions

Questions:-The best time to consume Mangoxan?
Everybody has a number of unavoidable stress daily   which contribute to inflammation inside our body. By taking 1 oz/30 ml in the morning before we start our day and 1oz/30ml before bed to help the body recuperate while resting ensures we are taking the necessary steps to staying happy and healthy.

Questions:-How many ounces in a bottle of Mangoxan?
There are just over 25.35 or 750ml, costing less than $0.80/serving

Questions:-What technology is used for producing Mangoxan?
We have GNP certified manufacturing facility which uses a technology that enables us to make preservative free product. Our unique formulation and ability to capture the Xanthones from mangosteen fruit utilizing no chemicals or solvents stands alone. The laboratory we utilize is presently one of 3 on the west coast of the USA which is certified by CDC and assures our customers are getting the best

Questions:-What is the best combination of fruit juices for strong eyesight, fatigue, normal cholesterol, hypertension, aging, joint pain, insomnia, aching muscle, strengthening the immune system, etc?
PFT Brands has taken into account some of the nutritional factors required for everybody this is why we have combined the Blueberry (Anthocyanins), Pear (Vitamin C), Red Grape (Resveratrol), Red Sour Cherry (melatonin), Cranberry (Polyphenol Antioxidants), Pineapple (Bromelain) and of course our main ingredient Mangosteen (Xanthones) in our juice supplement.

Questions:-How does Mangoxan combat fatigue?
Mangoxan provides your body with a wide array of natural ingredients, in a usable liquid form, which offers your body the ammunition to fight off daily stressors that contribute to our fatigue. Also, because you get better rest, you are much more alive during the day!

Questions:-What makes Mangoxan different from other fruit juices used daily?
How many of use sit down to a serving of 4 apples, 4 oranges or 3 cups of blueberries? This is the amount that maybe required getting 1 glass of juice. Your body is hit at onetime with, although natural, an abnormal amount of sugar, which may lead to weight gain and fatigue. Most juices on the market today are over pasteurized destroying all of the natural ingredients. To make up for this loss they add back synthetic nutrients hoping your body is fooled and doesn’t know the difference. Pure Fruit Technologies has made it our goal in making sure that our products are just the way nature intended. 1oz/30ml serving will offer a totally natural usable juice with natural nutrients and fiber.

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