Mangoxan Mangosteen Juice- A Worthwhile Investment

The Xanthones in Mangoxan mangosteen juice assist in neutralizing free radicals which are continually bombarding our internal and external environment.  Thanks to their unselfish donation we are slowing the aging process and internal decay.

Our liver with the assistance of Xanthones and vital nutritional factors works to keep us free from toxins and chemical overload.  This amazing filter and regulator is involved in every single event that occurs internally.  It holds secret ingredients needed to strengthen our immunity, it regulates the necessary balance and manufacturing of cholesterol and cleanses the chemical debris we throw at it.  This emotional organ plays a big role in how we feel from day to day.

Even though this is the only organ in the body that can regenerate, if we expose it to chemical toxins that damage its function and support its demise, normal function can never occur.  Pharmaceuticals, just like alcohol, over the long-term impede the ability of this organ to function properly.  If you haven’t felt this personally I am certain we have all seen this in our lives.

Remember, if you are requiring much more sleep than usual and are still feeling tired or seem to have a lack of ambition to complete tasks; a stressed overburdened liver may be why.  So many suffer from anxiety and emotional imbalance, could stress on the liver be why?

Remember, diseases aren’t something we catch, but acquire by the way we live!

Think of the cholesterol problem we all focus on; could this be a result of a distraught hepatic organ? After all 75% of cholesterol circulating in the body is manufactured by the liver and we need it to live.  Again toxic overload may affect the organ’s ability to function properly.  One thing to consider about balancing your cholesterol, instead of stopping the stress on the liver some have chosen Statin drugs such as Mevacor to do this for them.  This is a very vicious cycle as the pharma drugs, although they are doing their job, place additional stress on the liver.

Remember, we all have an innate ability to neutralize some of these chemical villains, but everything works better if we implement steps to help it out.

A daily organic apple contains properties that assist the liver in releasing bile, the by-product from the working liver.  Green foods which are high in chlorophyll are nature’s environmental cleaning agents.  The pure Xanthones in Mangoxan, which are adaptogens, work effectively in neutralizing the radicals which stress the organ.  Whole foods rich in phytonutrients provide natural compounds that our body can recognize and utilize properly.

Of course we should do our best to avoid all those unnatural products that don’t come from nature as they do place unnecessary stress on the body.  Read the label, try to avoid all man-made chemicals, especially on a regular basis as they will definitely steel life from you.  Mother Nature has evolved to provide us with the abundance to survive and make our body lively; full of vim and vigor.

Pure Fruit Technologies™ is going to continue our efforts to help improve the life of others and our planet…thanks to you and your support we are able to strengthen our efforts.

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