ORAC Score- What is it and How the Foods We Love Rank?

Eating healthy comes with a lot to learn. One thing you may have heard about, but yet to discover is the ORAC score. What ORAC stands for is Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. This, essentially is the antioxidant levels of foods and supplements. Antioxidants are very important to our blood’s health and higher levels of antioxidants present in the body have shown to fight off many diseases including cancer. With this thought in mind, an ORAC score for foods tends to mean a bit more. Here are how your favorite foods rank.

Sweet Potatoes

Just as versatile as starchy potatoes, sweet potatoes are an excellent alternative for those watching their carbohydrate intake. They can be used in a variety of dishes or even as a tasty dessert. These delectable delights also do not disappoint on the ORAC score coming in at 2115.


If you are eating by color, which many physicians now recommend, never leave out the oranges. Although orange juice can have many preservatives and additives, the standard orange ranks just below sweet potatoes on the ORAC score at 2103. This includes all varieties of this beautiful fruit.


Love it or hate it, Kale is here to stay. Regarded as one of the many superfoods on the market today, kale actually ranks a bit below oranges and sweet potatoes surprisingly. When consumed raw, kale ranks at 1770.


Your mom always told you to eat your broccoli because it will help you grow big and strong. She was not wrong. Although cooking broccoli will diminish its healthy qualities, raw broccoli ranks at 1510 on the ORAC Scale.

Lemon Juice

Everyone loves a refreshing glass of lemonade, however, standard lemon water is just as refreshing without the added calories from mounds of sugar. When you consume raw lemon juice, its ORAC Score is 1225 per serving.

Bell Peppers

Chefs use bell peppers in a range of different dishes, but what consumers often do not know is that bell peppers are a great source for antioxidants. Again, cooking will diminish the overall nutritional value of the ingredient, but raw bell peppers come in at 935 on the ORAC Score.


There are many different foods in the world to eat to be healthier and the ORAC score can be a great indicator of what is best for your body. However, fruits that provide more than just a score are the most beneficial. At Pure Fruit Technologies, we want all our customers and their friends to be healthier with a little help from Mangoxan. Mangoxan is found quite high on the ORAC score at 2466 per serving, but what is more amazing about this terrific drink is that it is your key ingredient to getting more out of your body’s health. Mangoxan is pure fruit juice giving you the highest level of health benefits compared to other brands of Mangosteen Juice. How do your favorite foods rank on the ORAC score chart?

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