Pure Fruit Technologies attended Focus on Women Trade Fair

This past weekend I attended a trade fair titled ‘Focus on Women”. With our focus on the practice of Healthicine in achieving a Healthier You, I decided to see what the market place was offering.

The booths had everything from the newest skin care products and clothing designs to the latest cleaning and home care products. The Booths which received my attention, where those offering the latest in product innovation and health benefits.

Although they all shared the story of their products unique design, health benefits and personal testimonial it seemed beneficial but repetitive. All the products, although somewhat different, offered similar result, which we have all seen or heard of for decades.

This brought to mind aren’t we just reinventing the wheel? Aren’t all these benefits they are achieving resulting from just the addition of real nutrients into their body? Isn’t this just a result of practicing Healthicine?

I began to look at all the labels checking ingredient lists and asked about their cost. Even though the mixtures, applications and dosages are somewhat different (nothing we haven’t seen before) they all would be a matter of consumer choice. Retail pricing was quite expensive as all of the booths where operated by an Independent Network Marketing individual.

My point for sharing this observation is that we, you and I already have knowledge and access to what is needed to ensure a quality healthy life. We can purchase additional products to help in our daily regime, just make informed decisions. We know that healthy dietary choices of real food, free from toxic chemicals and preservatives, adequate exercise and proper management of environmental stress is primary.

PFT’s Mangoxan is one of those whole food supplements that contain vital nutrition ensuring a healthy body. Here at PFT we are looking to ensure that you maintain a Healthier You.

‘We must realize that good nutrition is the path to life, the simple most important factor in good health, a sound mind and long life. We are what we eat – and what we do not eat.
The body molds to the foods we put into it – for better or worse.’ Dr. Bernard Jensen

Have you had your Mangoxan today?

Pure Fruit Technologies™ is going to continue our efforts to help improve the life of others and our planet…thanks to you and your support we are able to strengthen our efforts.

For more information or any questions drop us a line.

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