Pure Fruit Technologies – The Name One can Trust for Having Best Juice Supplement

Pure Fruit Technologies situated at American Fork, Utah are the leading manufacturers of Mangoxan juices, the most popular and sold mangosteen fruit juice in the market today. Our Mangoxan juices are prepared after blending mangosteen, and some North American super-fruits like, cranberries, blueberries, sour red cherries and red grapes. This combination results in Mangoxan being highly rich in antioxidants and xanthones.

Xanthones are natural chemical substances that demonstrate a number of pharmaceutical properties including potent anti-inflammatory effects in the body while Antioxidants are compounds that slow the aging process of cells, resulting in higher energy levels.

At Pure Fruit Technologies, production is done at the company’s state-of-the art production unit after meeting all the standards set by the government related to the production of any product which are known as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). There we bottle our liquid fruit supplements without using a single preservative. Our bottles sport roll-on pilfer-proof cap, creating an impenetrable vacuum seal that locks oxygen out and flavour in. Our “best before” date, printed on every bottle, makes sure you know your juice is as fresh as the day it was packaged. With our award winning label we have ensured that our shrink wrap packaging prevents any UV exposure stopping any premature aging. No preservatives, harmful chemicals or quality enhancers are used at any stage of production.

The main ingredient of Mangoxan juice which is Mangosteen is a tropical evergreen fruit from Southeast Asia with a sweet and tangy taste and full of hundreds of health benefits. Due to its beneficial effects on the overall health of human beings, it is called as Queen of Fruits in Asia. However the other North American fruits included are rich in one or other healing qualities.

Today, the markets are flooded with ample amount of packed fruit juices from different brands and almost every brand boast of providing maximum benefits but one can blindly trust Pure Fruit Technologies for enjoy the best Mangosteen Juice available.

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