Sleep Better in 2020- Tips for Getting the Rest You So Desperately Need

A good night sleep can be a welcomed blessing for anyone, but if you are among the 35.3% of American adults who are reportedly sleep deprived, sleep might not come easily. Stress, an erratic schedule, and many other factors can attribute to sleep deprivation, but if you want to sleep better in 2020, try these tips for getting the rest you need.

Get More Natural Sunlight

Humans naturally have a sense of time devoted to night and day. It is known as your body’s circadian rhythm and is supposed to allow your body to slow down and rest properly at night and be active during the day. Provided you work a job in which your schedule allows for rest at night, you can increase your circadian rhythm with a little extra sunlight. Natural sunlight has been proven to increase energy to help you do more during the day and rest easily at night.

Turn Off Technology

It is often stated that turning off your devices at night can help improve sleep. This is easier said than done as most people generally use their smartphones for the alarm clock. Our body’s response to light as stated above, can also be sensitive to specific colors as well. Smartphones, tablets, computers, and other technology-based devices emit blue light which has been proven to mimic natural sunlight in regard to our circadian rhythm. By turning off those devices in the evening and instead reading a book or just spending time playing board games with the family, you can maintain your circadian rhythm without a problem. Also, invest in an alarm clock with a red display rather than a blue LED one.

Set the Mood

In order for your body to conform to a sleep schedule and receive adequate sleep each night, you must essentially, set the mood for this to happen. Your bedroom should be your home’s oasis. It should be kept at a comfortable temperature as cooler environments naturally increase the ability to fall asleep and stay that way. Also, reduce distractions, light, and sound from your sleep space. Your bedroom should be quiet, soothing, and devoid of anything that adds stress or stimulates your mind.

Cut Liquids Before Bed (Except for Water)

This seems like a no brainer but drinking liquids before bed is a sure way to keep you up at night. The only exception to this rule is water. A small cup of water before bed can actually improve circulation and has been shown to help relieve stress on the heart, but caffeinated drinks, juices, and other liquids. should be avoided as these will likely keep you heading to the bathroom at all hours of the night.


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