Speed up the Healing Process with These Foods

Foods That Boost the Body’s Natural Healing Power

Our bodies are amazing machines that have the capacity to heal themselves, but even impeccably built machines can sometimes need a little help. Food is said to be fuel and eating the right things can help your body heal more effectively on its own. Here are just some foods that will aid in the natural healing power of your body.

Beans and Lentils

Wound healing can be a bit tricky. For those that have deficiencies in specific nutrients, the act of healing a wound can seem daunting, but protein has proven essential for healing wounds. Among the top protein rich foods available are beans and lentils. Both lentils and beans provide a high protein solution while being easily adaptable to many genres of cooking. Whether you choose to add your favorite bens and lentils to soups and stews or prefer to simply have a protein rich, seasoned side dish, healing power is packed into every single pod.

Yellow and Orange Foods

Color has a lot to do with nutrients as most nutritionists today encourage patients to eat by color. The more varieties of vibrant colors added to your diet, the healthier you should be, but when it comes to healing benefits of colorful natural foods, yellow and orange fruits and veggies tend to be most beneficial. Foods such as sweet potatoes, mangoes, cantaloupe, apricots, and carrots house high levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for skin, immune function, and bone development. For those that have had a bone break or have had trouble with immunities, load up on these foods.

Fortified Cereals

It is not often encouraged to eat a substantial amount of cereal for your health as most varieties today are loaded with sugar and marketed toward children, but certain, fortified cereals may in fact help with healing your body. Zinc is an essential nutrient found in fortified cereals such as bran and wheat grain options. Should you choose to include additional zinc fortified cereals in your diet, be careful as to which milk you select. Standard cows milk might inhibit the healing process, but flax and soymilk can help aid in the healing process drastically.


Mangosteen is quite possibly the best fruit for total body health. It is naturally available in many Eastern countries and has been deemed the, “Queen of Fruits,” by locals for its body healing qualities. Mangosteen is currently unavailable in its natural state to much of the world, but do not fret, you can get the same body healing power in quality Mangosteen Juice, but do not simply trust in an average Mangosteen Juice product. Choose the best! Choose Mangoxan!

Why Mangoxan

Natural healing is not an easy task, but with Mangoxan, it can be easier than ever before. Mangoxan houses all the essential nutrients for proper healing, but also maintains the highest levels of Xanthones available in Mangosteen Juice products. Xanthones help reduce inflammation throughout the body, so it can heal more effectively. Have you purchased your Mangoxan from Pure Fruit Technologies yet?

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