Supplements Vs Natural Solutions Which is Better?

When you are trying to get healthy, it can be difficult to ensure your body receives adequate nutrition. For years, supplements have been pushed on people looking for a quick solution to getting the right nutrition while others have stood by natural vitamin rich solutions. So, what is the difference? Which should you choose, and what benefits are there to natural over supplements? Here is what you need to know to make an educated decision.

What Are Supplements?

Supplements are found in stores everywhere today. They are generally available in capsule, powder, or liquid form with the claims that they provide nutrition for one specific nutrient or a variety of nutrients. Supplements are an over the counter option for people, but it is always recommended that you get recommendations from your doctor before taking supplements. There can be side effects and often interaction issues with medications prescribed by your doctor, so take caution when starting a supplement regimen.

And Natural Solutions?

Natural solutions are just like what they sound like. They are any form of natural nutrient such as fresh fruits and vegetables. The beauty of natural solutions is that there is little need to consult your doctor and they are readily available at grocery stores everywhere. It can take a bit more effort to utilize natural solutions as it is not as simple as just taking a pill, but the benefits far outweigh that small issue. All it takes is a bit of research and a keen understanding of what your body requires for nutrients and what you might be deficient in.

Which is More Convenient

On the surface it would seem that supplements would be the ultimate convenient solution for your health concerns, but truly, this is not the case. Where it is easy to remember to take a pill or add a supplement to your morning drink routine, natural solutions are actually more convenient. As previously stated, they can be purchased virtually anywhere. Most fruits and vegetables are also quite portable. Although there are a few exceptions, most natural fruit can be left unrefrigerated and are easy to carry in a bag to work or other activities. Plus, supplements do nothing to curb hunger, but a healthy dose of fruit or vegetables does wonders to improve your hungry state without reaching for unhealthy options.

Can Supplements be Truly Trusted?

Natural solutions such as fruit and vegetables maintain their nutrients when properly prepared and not overcooked, but to open a bottle of supplements, it can be difficult to tell exactly what you are getting. Unlike standard over the counter or prescription medications, supplements are not currently completely regulated. Even those that claim to provide 100% of the nutrients necessary for your body, may be stretching the truth a bit. It is always best to trust natural solutions instead of something found in a bottle.

Is There a Way to Combine Natural Solutions with the Convenience of Supplements?

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