Tips for Motivating Yourself to Workout

Exercise and eating right are the keys to good health, but it can be very difficult to begin and stick with an exercise routine. Estimates show that only 5% of adults actively exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. This number may be shocking to some with so many advertisements for gyms, equipment, supplements, and exercise options available to us. The problem though, is not lack of availability, but lack of proper motivation. Motivating yourself to workout can seem impossible at times, but to help you out, here are some tips to get you motivated to workout and get healthy once and for all.

Write Out Your Goals in Pen

This might seem a little strange to some people but writing your exercise goals in pen will actually help motivate you to achieve them. Statistics show that you are 42% more likely to complete a goal if it is written in pen. As strange as it sounds, it makes sense as well. Pencils can be erased. Pens markings are more permanent solidifying our goals in our minds.

Find a Gym You Are Comfortable In

In the past, gym memberships were very expensive, and many people did not go to the gym for fear of being judged. Thankfully, things have changed for the better. There are plenty of gyms to choose from and fees have drastically dropped. Some gyms even market a non-judgmental environment to help members feel better about being there. Find a gym that makes you feel good about working out. A non-judgmental, comfortable environment can be a huge motivator.

Change Up Your Routine

It is human nature to become bored from time to time and this is not just our mentality, but in our body’s need for change as well. Some people make the mistake of just doing one activity for exercise and thinking that is enough. You will ultimately become bored with that one activity and can quickly lose motivation. The key here is changing things up a little. Go walking one day and biking the next or change up your routine by doing it in a different location. Take a morning away and find a park to exercise in.

Engage with Others

Other people getting involved in your exercise routine is an excellent way to gain and maintain motivation. Going it alone can become tiring, but when engaging friends or family in your routine, you have someone to rely on and who relies on you to keep going.


Part of lack of motivation can be linked to a slow metabolism. Increasing your body’s metabolism gives you natural energy to take on the day. This is easier said than done with so many people turning to quick, unhealthy snacks as a quick pick me up, but Mangoxan is here to help. Mangoxan from Pure Fruit Technologies is Mangosteen Juice which has been shown to help improve a body’s metabolism when taken regularly. Just a few ounces of Mangoxan each day can help you be motivated to get up, get out, and het healthy. Do you need a little motivation to exercise?

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