Unhealthy Lifestyle? Here is what you need to do for a HEALTHIER YOU

Prior to this year long pandemic, there have been numerous other health challenges that have threatened human life.  Bringing light to our unhealthy lifestyle has never been more necessary.  Like most other virulent diseases, a weakened overburdened immune system and insurmountable inflammatory activities have opened the door permitting their unwelcomed entrance.  Once inside they can infiltrate, find areas of tissue weakness, and begin to multiply unchecked.  Symptoms then arise, like a cough, fever, headache, nausea, breathing problems etc.  This is when we seek medical intervention to hopefully neutralize and halt this unwanted invader.


Therapies used to destroy the invader and help the patient often have lengthy and long-term side effects. These may include chemical antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory medicines along with surgical intervention where we introduce unnatural devices into the anatomy.  Each of these may be needed for emergency assistance but, their long-term usage can disrupt the normal homeostasis of our body.


Our next action is to find a synthetic chemical way to address this one invader.  Although viruses remain with us for a lifetime, some think they can assure their permanent arrest with manmade experimental inoculation.  Not sure how we can test efficacity of long-term affects and the potential lasting side-effects when each one of us are different in design and lifestyles.

What if we look at this whole problem in a different way?

Instead of allowing these potential life-threatening health challenges to create numerous unwanted symptoms, let us begin to take preventive steps.

We take preventative steps in almost all activities of life.

  • Carefully watch and monitor our money flow
  • Change the oil, check the tires, clean the air filter on our car
  • Wear a seat belt
  • Prevent pest from entering our house
  • Manicure our garden to help assure a quality yield
  • Outerwear to keep us warm, preventing chills or freezing

There are thousands of examples that could be used to exhibit our learned behaviors to assure we are safe and secure throughout life.

Every single day we encounter external and internal life changing challenges but due to our amazing biochemical makeup we remain symptom free.  If we engage in poor lifestyle choices, we weaken this personal dependable defense system.  Poor dietary intake, manmade chemical toxins, psychological stress, and daily existence continuously taxes our bodies ability to remain healthy.

OK, so what can we do to assist our bodies ability to remain a Healthier You?

When making choices in nutrition give the body only foods it understands, look for foods that provide nutrition just the way nature intended.  For example, our body recognizes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pro-biotics, proteins, starches, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, and uses these biochemicals properly. What our body cannot do, without suffering, is deal with the synthetic chemicals in packaged foods, exhaust smoke, sprays that kill bugs you can see, over processed foods, the hazardous chemical assault on our crops and depletion of all that supports a happy, healthy sick free life.

Check out your local health food or grocery store and look for whole natural foods as these contain the right ingredients that support life.  Have you ever heard of mangosteen fruit?

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