What are the Best Strategies for Losing Weight?

It is that time of year again. People are thinking about their waistlines and how to best lose those extra pounds. If you are among the many that have stated that 2020 is your year to lose weight, you will need some help. Losing weight is not as easy as they make it look on television, but there is hope if you approach the situation the right way. Here are the best strategies to help you lose weight and feel better in 2020.

Portion Sizes

Weight problems do not always stem from what is eaten, but rather how much. Consider bringing down your portion size this coming year. Eating too much is often attributed to the need to clean our plates. Where this is an admirable attribute, it can lead to excess weight. To help you work on portion control reduce the size of your plate by at least 1 inch in diameter. The plate will look fuller and you will, essentially fool your mind into thinking you have eaten more when you are eating less in reality.


Make no mistake, eating right is a key ingredient in effective weight loss, but getting up and moving is essential as well. Any diet that claims you can lose weight without doing a bit of exercise is likely not a very healthy avenue for effective weight loss. Exercise, even just starting with 15 minutes each day will drastically improve your chances of losing those extra pounds. It is not necessary to start a rigorous routine, but simply start slow and build up to a more strenuous routine.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Counting calories is all well and good for some people, but more often than not, it is not the extra calories adding to the pounds, but sugar intake. Sugar is in many things we eat such as breads and certain canned sauces. Where it is great to cut back on cakes, candies, and desserts, it is also important to account for sugar in other foods. Instead of buying overly processed foods, consider making foods from scratch. It will take time, but you can control the sugar as well as salt in the dish to make it far healthier than the store-bought counterpart.

Change Oils

The type of oil you use makes all the difference in healthier cooking. Standard processed vegetable oil high in Omega 6 are considered some of the worst fats you can use in cooking as they contain inflammatory fats. Alternatives to change to are unrefined olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil or even real butter. These oils maintain a healthier omega 3 level that does not clog arteries. It can take some getting used to when switching oils, but once you make the switch, you will see a vast improvement in the way your body feels.


Eating right and exercising are key ingredients in fighting off that unsightly bulge, but you can do so much more for your health. Mangoxan is the premier Mangosteen Juice product from Pure Fruit Technologies. This juice is power packed with essential nutrients and has been proven to help boost your metabolism naturally by just drinking a few ounces each day. Do you need to lose weight in 2020?

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