Why Your Kids Need to See You Eating Healthy

Parenting advice can be found everywhere and where many tactics and strategies to raising out little ones can be debated among parenting styles, one thing remains constant. Kids learn what they learn from the example set by their parents. Setting a good example of how you live your own life will positively impact your children. That means eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital for the future health of your children.

They Learn Early

If you believe that very small children, even before they talk, are not watching you as a parent, you are severely misled. Children begin watching their parents from the moment they come into this world and what they see you eat is what they will reach for first. Pediatric nutritionists often advise parents against starting children off with baby food with fruit products. The reason for this is simply about taste. What the child eats first is likely what they crave. Pediatricians recommend giving a baby vegetable based products first and only when they have adapted to the flavor of the vegetables, introducing the sweet fruits. You, as a parent should be maintaining the same approach to your diet to set the right example for the child.

Childhood Obesity is a Real Problem

Obesity, in general, causes an enormous amount of health issues in adults, but over the past 30 years, childhood obesity has become more of an issue. There are many contributing factors, but one large problem facing children today is the rate they are given fast foods and quick fatty snacks instead of healthy alternatives. Where is it perfectly acceptable to allow a child to have some fries or a burger on occasion, it is certainly not something that should be done on a daily basis. Avoiding eating out and instead, choosing to cook healthy foods at home will take more time, but pay off greatly as you are better able to control the fat, sugar, and sodium intake to your and your child.

Drinking Calories

Dehydration among young children is a growing concern of parents and physicians just like childhood obesity. An alarming number of calories come from what we drink. Reaching for a soda or sugary drink is what we tend to do when we should be emphasizing the need for good old fashioned water into our diet. Drinking water with meals improves digestion and also allows your body to taste more of the food rather than simply the sodium or sugar in what you are drinking. Teaching your children to emphasize water over sugary drinks will give them a head start in a world where soda companies have seemingly taken over the drink market.

Give Them Mangosteen Juice

There are many health drinks on the market today that claim they are healthy, yet when you read the label, they are not recommended for children. Mangosteen juice is unique in that it is safe and nutritious for both adults as well as children. Mangoxan Mangosteen Juice from Pure Fruit Technologies is an easy and efficient way to ensure you and your children get necessary nutrients for the day and for a healthy life. Set an example with Mangoxan Mangosteen Juice today!

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