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Central Nervous System Disorders and Mangosteen

Your central nervous system is a key part of your body’s message system. It is made up a numerous nerve tissue, which controls the movements and pain in your body. Your brain and spinal cord are part of your central nervous system. There are several disorders that can affect your central nervous system (CNS). Damage to your spinal cord can also affect the performance of your CNS. Illnesses that produce tremor symptoms are usually targeting the CNS system making the tremors appear. Some individuals also suffer from head tremors that have no clear cause.

Research studies were conducted on the central nervous system using a Mangosteen compound. The results are not conclusive, but researchers state they are promising. Head weaving and hind limb abduction in animals was not affected by Gamma Mangostin. Locomotor activity also did not respond to Gamma Mangostin.

However, 5-HT-induced inositol phosphates accumulation in the CNS was helped with the introduction of Gamma Mangostin. It was a concentration-dependent inhibition, meaning a correct dose is required to stop certain phosphates from accumulating in the CNS and causing CNS disorders. Additionally, a study showed that Gamma Mangostin in certain concentrations could inhibit 3H-spiperone binding in brain membranes because Gamma Mangostin acted as an antagonist or inhibitor of the compound.

Another study on 3H-Spiperone showed that Gamma Mangostin increased KD value, but not the Bmax value. This indicates the competitive nature of Gamma Mangostin. It also indicates that no damaging effects were caused by the Gamma Mangostin compound. Overall, the results clearly suggest that Gamma Mangostin can help with head twitch or tremors by blocking 5-HT from entering the central neurone

More research is required before conclusive data will be presented. These trials were conducted on mice. If you suffer from a head tremor or twitch, you may want to ask your doctor about medical research being conducted using Mangosteen compounds and its effect on the central nervous system. You may also want to speak with your physician regarding frequent doses of Mangosteen juice.

There has only been one negative report of Mangosteen juice, when it was taken 365 days for an entire year. It led to lactic acidosis in one male person aged 58. A healthy person, with no other medical conditions other than a head tremor may find Mangosteen juice to be helpful in easing the twitch. Taken in reasonable doses, rather than each day for an entire year, you may discover this wonderful fruit from Malaysia can help you.

Mangosteen is an ancient fruit that has been used in Southeast Asia as a treatment option for several illnesses. While not all studies are conclusive at this point, there is centuries of data to support many of the purported health benefits.

Fruit is healthy for you, as is juice. The Mangosteen juice made for its health benefits contains Xanthones that may help with your tremor or other CNS disorders, as well as prevent certain illnesses from affecting you. It is a consideration you may wish to try if nothing else has helped your CNS disorder.

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