Hi-Potency Enzyme Formula 180 tablets INFLAM-AWAY™, which is a special combination of enzymes
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INFLAM-AWAY™, which is a special combination of enzymes, anti-oxidants and nutrients, was designed to be an extremely effective aid when taken in significant amounts between meals (on an empty stomach), for chronic and acute inflammation. The special combination of enzymes in this formula helps eliminate the foreign matter that causes inflammation.

Inflammation is the body's own natural method of eliminating or reducing the stress from physical, chemical or metabolic imbalances resulting in tissue damage. Inflammation includes swelling, loss of fluid, edema, allergies, tissue damage, muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness.

In a healthy person, the inflammatory process rids the body of this damaged tissue. When various biological systems, including the immune system, are deficient, however, a chronic inflammatory process can result. To speed up recovery, ingestion of properly combined enzymes and anti- oxidants are most helpful.

Clinical Research has demonstrated that the natural enzymes, anti-oxidants and other nutrients in this formula have been found to be beneficial for:
1. Joint pain and stiffness due to Osteo & Rheumatoid arthritis;
2. Muscle aches and pains, strains & sprains;
3. Sports injuries;
4. Swelling;
5. Serious degenerative conditions;
6. Over-exhaustion;
7. Muscle aches & pains, strains & sprains.

Heart Disease: About 400,000 Americans die each year from heart disease usually caused by plaque build up on the arteries eventually cutting off the blood supply to the heart. A major contrib uting factor to this plaque build-up is inflammation of the blood vessels. This inflammation can be determined by the amount of C-reactive protein in the blood. The higher the concentration the greater the risk for heart attack and stroke. Clinical research with enzymes, as in INFLAM-AWAY™, have been shown effective in deceasing inflammation of the blood vessels resulting in a reduction in the C-reactive protein, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
A major benefit of using natural enzymes is the avoidance of the dangerous side effects of such drugs as aspirin, ibuprofen, Pravastatin, Lipitor and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Supplement Facts:
2 Tablets contain: 8 mg of Zinc *; 2000mg of Pancreatin; 250mg of Bromelain; 250mg of
Trypsin; 240mg of Papain; 5mg of Chymotrypsin; 75mg Amylase; 75mg Lipase; 175mg Rutin;
25mg L-Cysteine; 250 McCord Fridovich Units of Superoxide Dismutase; 100 McCord Fridovich Units of Catalase. (* 53% of Daily Recommended Value; all other nutrients have no known Daily Recommended Value).

Suggested Daily Usage:
As a dietary supplement to aid in digestion, one (1) to two (2) tablets after meals. Take three (3) to six (6) tablets three times daily 1 hour before meals for Inflammation, or as directed by a physician.

This product contains no sugar, salt, wheat, soy, yeast, milk, rice, corn, preservatives, artificial colors or flavours. This product is specially coated to resist stomach pH.

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