Mangoxan™ Mangosteen Juice Supplier

Mangoxan™ Mangosteen Juice

  • Wild harvested mangosteen, ‘just the way mother nature intended.’
  • Quality nutrition for the whole family
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Your daily source of vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, fiber and ANTI-OXIDENTS
  • 100% American made
  • No added sugar or chemical preservatives
  • Using FDA and CFIA approved fruits from Indonesia and the organic farms of the USA and Canada
  • Tastes GREAT!!!
Mangoxan™ Mangosteen Juice Process

Handpicked Goodness

Our Mangosteen juice begins with the handpicked process. Each fruit picked from Mangosteen trees is done with quality and ripeness in mind.

Sorted and Stored

The fruit is then stored for shipping to our manufacturing facility, where it will be sorted and tested for a second time to ensure that only the best juice makes it into our product.

Quality Assurance at its Finest

Our factory is able to produce a preservative free product which has the pure form of those miracles from nature Xanthones.

Then for the taste test

Our science team assures Mangoxan™ sensory testing is delicious and palatable, assuring satisfaction to the end consumer in every drop.

And Into the Box

As soon as the quality control testing has been conducted, we put the juice in sterile glass containers and boxes then out the door...enjoy nature's gift....cheers

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