Mangoxan™ Mangosteen Juice

Mangoxan™ Mangosteen Juice

A natural antioxidant formula with the unique Xanthone blend making you feel great 1oz at a time! Mangoxan™ remains in the forefront due to quality and taste making this the liquid beverage the perfect fit for a maintaining a healthy sick free body.

From the delicate white flesh to the peel extract (Xanthones) of the mangosteen fruit, our juice contains it all in every ounce.

Mangoxan™’s delicious, healthy, all-natural blend has a higher concentration of antioxidants and xanthones than any other mangosteen supplement available.

Mangoxan™ Mangosteen Juice Benefits

  • NO toxic preservatives
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Has shown to increase energy naturally
  • Assists in preventing colds
  • Aids in Immune System stress
  • Neutralizes Free Radicals
  • Shown to decreases Lactic Acid in Muscle Tissue (See Our Olympic Mangoxan™ Gold Medalist Video)
  • Balanced whole food nutrition
  • Safe for the whole Family!

Mangoxan™ 100% bio-available beverage superfruit Juice supplement Manufactured by Pure Fruit Technologies, PFT Brands, Inc.

Mangoxan™ Mangosteen Juice
Organic Mangosteen Juice

We were the first to bring exotic superfruits to North American retailers.

Pure Fruit Technologies has become a world leader in super fruit juice supplements, achieving recognition due to our holistic formulations. Our team has been able to manufacture Mangoxan™ without chemical flavor stabilizers, food coloring agents, artificial sweeteners and preservatives keeping it natural just as nature intended. Utilizing our chemically free FDA approved manufacturing facility, Pure Fruit Technologies has made available real fruit juice, where 1oz/30ml provides the RDA.


Take the Health Challenge – before going to bed write down or record how you feel and what your day was like. For example:

  • I was tired when I woke up
  • Had some pain in my lower back
  • Struggled with my bowel movement
  • Fatigue set in mid day
  • Why can’t I lose this weight
  • Felt anxious
  • I seem to be bloated after meals
  • Why am I always cold
Natural Mangosteen Juice

Start drinking 1 – 3 oz/30 ml per day for 1 month and then reexamine your list. Not only you but we are certain others will see the difference as well. By providing you with quality dosage perfect nutrition your body will look after itself! Symptoms will disappear

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