Scientific Study of Mangosteen

Pure Fruit Technologies Mangoxan™ a natural superfruit juice supplement is a source of those perfect micro-nutrients called Xanthones. We have sourced our naturally grown mangosteen from the natives of Thailand where it’s been used for centuries to ensure their survival. Our research has shown that this fruit is natures #1 source of 43 different Xanthones, each one offering benefits to the consumer. Our scientists have formulated a 100% preservative free formula containing all of these amazing healing properties unique to the mangosteen fruit. This delicious beverage is safe for the whole family providing the necessary protection need against the negative effects of our challenging environment. PFT has taken all the steps to assure your body is able to process and utilize our secret recipe of nature’s best. Xanthones, referred to as adaptogens, are high level antioxidants stopping free radical damage working to keep you young and symptom free from those disabling sicknesses. Consumer reports from Mangoxan™ users have confirmed its potential in providing:

  • Relief from Inflammation
  • Better mobility and recovery from exercise
  • Increased and consistent energy levels
  • Weight maintenance
  • Decreased pain
  • More restful sleep
  • No more colds
  • Higher resistance to infection
  • Happier life style

Our GMP manufacturing facility is GMO free and both Halal and Kosher certified

The potential "fat burning" effects of the liquid dietary supplement Mangoxan™

'Afa K. Palu1, Wayne Geilman2, and Brett J. West1. (1) Tahitian Noni International, American Fork, UT, (2) *Pure Fruit Technologies, American Fork, UT

Fruits have been considered as the most important part of a healthy diet for centuries. They are important sources of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates and play a significant role in keeping the body healthy. Fruits are a great-tasting way that provides potential health benefits like strengthens immunity system, reduce risk for many illnesses, helps fight diseases, and many other benefits.

Unfortunately, even after understanding the importance of fruits in diet many people do not eat sufficient quantities of fruit on a regular basis. This has greatly increased their consumption of fruits in a variety of liquid dietary supplements. What’s more, Mangoxan™ can help maintain healthier weight when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Fruits often contain compound(s) that can bind to and stimulate ß-1 and ß-3 adrenergic receptors. Scientific studies have shown that these compounds increases energy, lipolysis and help maintain a healthier weight. To this end, we have investigated the in-vitro effects of a commercial liquid dietary supplement Mangoxan™ (MX) on adrenergic receptors. With 2 replications each of 1 and 2.5% concentrations, the results showed a clear concentration-dependent binding to and stimulation of, ß-1 and ß-3 adrenergic receptors by MX. Interestingly, these binding and stimulation effects were more pronounced for ß-3 than for ß-1 adrenergic receptors: at 1%, ß-3 and ß-1 were 453 and 38%, respectively; at 2.5%, ß-3 and ß-1 were 463 and 58%, respectively. These results show that Mangoxan™, through this adrenergic stimulation mechanism, has the potential to increase energy and help maintain a healthier weight in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Further studies and clinical trial are therefore warranted to assess the dosage and efficacy of Mangoxan™ concerning energy and weight managements in humans.

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