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Jonathan Chamblee
Jonathan Chamblee
Jonathan Chamblee/Jonathan Chamblee
Several years ago, my 3 year old son Gabe, had a digestive disorder that caused him to throw up after nearly every meal. He suffered from this for several years, often throwing up in the middle of the night and in the car. His doctors ran many tests and biopsies, and put him on lots of meds, yet nothing really helped. My brother heard of the Mangosteen juice Xango.
Jeff Bush
Jeff Bush
Jeff Bush/Jeff Bush
Several years ago as a Tahitian Noni International Distributor, the company started promoting new products through Pure Fruit Technologies. One of them was called Mangoxan. Since I was already using the noni juice I felt I didn't need the Mangoxan.One day one of my renter friends (a beautician) asked me if I had ever heard of Mangoxan and I said yes but didn't know much about it and that it was one of the products in the Tahitian Noni line.

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