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Jeff Hawkins
Jeff Hawkins
Jeff Hawkins/Jeff Hawkins
I have always considered myself to be a very healthy person. When I started taking Mango-xan I could not label any specific pains in my body but I knew that anti oxidants were very healthy so I was excited to take it. I had heard horror stories of how bad these health fruit juices were, but when I took my first drink I loved it!
Ee Chien Chua
Ee Chien Chua
Ee Chien Chua/Ee Chien Chua
Mango-xan has been a great product to drink. The taste is definitely on the tangier side, which gives me a good little kick in the morning. I like Mango-xan because it has a dense concentration of nutrients and vitamins from the fruits blended in the drink, especially the Mangosteen. It definitely helps, especially with such a busy schedule as a college student. It’s good knowing that I have all the nutrients I need packed into one bottle! Being from Asia, I really do appreciate being able to have a drink that reminds me of home too!

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